I am in my late 60s with knee and back problems. I decided to try Pilates. Emma comes to my house for an hour every week.

I hope eventually to join one of her classes. She addresses both the physical and psychological. She is an excellent teacher patient and professional. I love the whole experience. 

Janet Rogers 68 Retired Teacher.

I attend the Standing Pilates Class for Older Adults. After only 3 sessions I already felt more connected with my body, more stable and stronger. I really enjoy the class and look forward to attending more in the New Year.           Catherine Jones 84

Emma Thank You for your perseverance with teaching me pilates and for the hallelujah moment when I felt my abs working. You never make me feel foolish when my brain doesn't engage with my body, you just try another way. I have done so many exercise classes from Jane Fonda 'Feel the Burn' to Body Pump. I would have given up straight away with pilates but you want to make sure that I do the exercises properly or it is a waste of time. Thank you x            Caroline Ballinger 65

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